The Jilly Jacket in a bag

I don't know what I ever did without this. I keep in my desk at work and wear it all day, every day. It may be time to take it home and wash it but I don't think I can do without. I think that means I need to buy another. What DID I do without it?

It's the blanket with sleeves. The Jilly Jacket is the perfect addition to the Chilly Jilly family. Wear it everyday for added warmth or carry it in your purse just in case. Made of the same luxurious fabric as the wrap and blanket, the jacket is an easy and cozy all day coverage accessory. And for your next trip, eliminating a bulky sweater and adding a JILLY JACKET can make the difference between checking luggage and using a carry-on. (This is a "must have".)

Black jacket are sold out, except for large.
Bag: 5 1/2"" X 9


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